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1. Full-Automatic Bearing Vibration Measurer
2. Acceleration Bearing Vibration Measurer
3. Velocity Bearing Vibration Measurer
4. Large Size Bearing Vibration Measurer
5. Straight Roller Bearing Vibration Measurer
6. Tapered Roller Bearing Vibration Measurer
7. Steel Ball Vibration Measurer
8. Waviness Measurer
9. Shaft-bearing Vibration Measurer;
Hub Bearing Vibration Measurer
   Dalian KeHui Bearing Instrument Co., Ltd. is an enterprise in China mainly for research,development and produrction of the bearing vibration measurer.Located in the northwest part of a beautiful seaside city, Dalian, with convenient communication and fine environment, the company has a good technical team and abundant experience of R&D and production of the vibration measurer for scoresof years. With excellent equipment and advanced process technology,the company producted a wide variety of products whose technical quality index is superior to that specified in the national standard, appoaching the international advanced level.
   This company has passed the certification on the quality systems in conformance with ISO 9001-2000, entitled to import & export relevant products. At present,our products have been exported to such nations and regions as the USA , Japan, Korea, India, Hungary, Poland and Taiwan,etc .
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